Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Would We Do Without Dads?

Happy Birthday Dad!  This post is for you! 

Thanks for all the years of help you've given me and my family (you and mom both). 

Thank you also for all the things you've taught me - from my fine electrical skills (and the ability to call you for advice when I hit a road block) to my "we can fix it or remodel it" attitude and so many other things.  I loved helping you when I was little (even if it was moving/hiding the tools) and being your tool "gopher" later in life. I picked up lots of skills and abilities from you that I'm glad I have.  I'm proud to be able to teach my boys the names of loads of different tools because you weren't afraid to have me around them.  That I'm not scared to use a welder was because you took the time in high school to give me private lessons so I wouldn't feel intimidated by all the guys in ag class.  Growing up I loved being in the milk house with you and grandma and riding in the tractor with you (singing lots of little kid songs) and helping you work on equipment.  Of course, the time you had me working the levers of the cultivator and nearly took your thumb off made me cry and cry.  But your were quick to take the blame and tell me you were the one with your thumb in the wrong place and that I had done everything that you asked me to at exactly the right time.

These are just a few small memories but I'm so glad you're my dad. 

Happy Birthday!

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