Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blogging at lightning speed

I am giddy with joy with our new Internet provider and the SPEED they provide.  My city cousins may still find it slow but not by much.  Web pages with loads of pictures magically appear immediately.  What a wonderful Valentine's gift.  In fact, since hubby wasn't feeling good last night I spent more time with my iPad once kids were in bed than with him. Sorry dear- you really are still the love of my life xoxo!

Yesterday was a lovely day.  The boys and I spent the afternoon outside in the snow before it all melted away today.  Even after Clark went in Grant wanted to keep playing.  We dug in the snow, built snowmen, went sledding.  Grant loved having mommy all to himself.  That was probably the best gift I could give our middle child.  His gift to me melted my heart.  As he used his little garden trowel to dig in the snow he turned to me and said, "mommy, you'll always be my friend." {tear} You must understand from little Grant this is quite an admission.  He is very careful with expressing such feelings.  In my heart I said a prayer hoping this remains true, knowing that I must be a parent first not a friend.  To Grant I replied, "I'll always love you, too."

My hubby also did a very special thing. He made a Chinese pork stir fry out of his new Cook's Illustrated magazine (thanks mom - we love this gift).  Oh, it was soooooo good.  He topped it off with his delicious creme brûlée.

This week, little Addie has gifted us with becoming a child who can move herself around the house.  It may not be graceful but it works.  She can travel whole rooms!

Mommy - look at me!

Watch me roll!

Break time - time to chew on some toes!

I will discover what are in these boxes.

 Success! And I see a doorway.

 MOMMY, I'm stuck!!!


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