Friday, February 24, 2012

Week in Review

Here are some of the things we were up to this week.

Today Addie turned 6 months old!

Clark experienced the suction power of mud. Little boys just can't resist large mucky puddles.

We planted our VeggieTales seeds. I realize its a bit early to start seeds but hey we played in soil and that makes for a fun day.

Filled our peat pots and planted seeds.

properly labeled each pot.

set them in warm windowsill with our groundhog's day 6 more weeks of winter philodendron cuttings. Get it "Phil." Plus, my plant really needed a trim job.

We also celebrated National FFA Week. Posted fun flashback photos on Facebook.

Attended the Red Oak FFA Alumni soup supper and auction last night. Donated some cupcakes, cake pops and a small 6" round 3 layer cake. And of course I didn't take any cake photos.

Tuesday on our trip to Ames I picked up some awesome blue and yellow fabric.

In honor of President's Day we examined and sorted coins. The boys loved this activity all week!

And today we went into town and judged the SW Iowa Homeschool Exchange's Science Fair. Some really great research projects. I admit I haven't actually judged a science fair in a long time. It was fun and the boys played with some other little people. Very impressed when a 4 and a 6 year old stood up in front of everyone and each explained the science concept they had chosen. Looks like next year Clark could do a little project to explain too. Such fun!

Off to ankeny and Des Moines tomorrow. Alan is judging Proficiency Awards. The kids and I are going to hang out and maybe do the science center. Addie has 6 month photos scheduled in afternoon. Possibly we will also be adding a hamster to the family - we'll see. Clark wants a hamster, Grant wants pigs. We told Grant not until spring is officially here and we build shelter for them. Grant is adamant about the pigs.


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