Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What's up?

 Lego person investigates.

Yes, this little Lego person watches for interesting things going on in our classroom. Unfortunately there are too many dead flies in the windowsill that keep his interest. Blech - disgusting I know.  No matter how much we clean this window the flies return. But, that's a post for a different day (that's only if you want my entomology sex lesson).


We started our Valentine/heart unit on Monday. This so far has been the boys' favorite activity!  Candy heart color sorting.  They dutifully sorted and graphed their findings before eating.

Clark graphed his findings and then Grant's.  I've noticed we need to work more on greater and less than concepts with Clark.  Last month I started Clark on some kindergarten lessons and he has been responding well.  In the afternoon Clark uses my iPad for some learning games (and some Angry Birds). He loves Teach Me Kindergarten and I love it because it gives me an easy way to see what he needs help with.

After much prayer, research, discussion and more prayer we have decided to continue home schooling.  This is a personal decision that we believe is right for our family.  I'm not going to go into our reasons on the blog, but would be happy to discuss them one on one.  We know this means some sacrifice - some things just have to give way (like never having a beautifully clean house) and potentially some criticism from colleagues since hubby works in a public school but we are ready to stand by our decision.  There is a lot of support for home schoolers in the area which is good.  

Right now we are using Raising Rock Stars preschool which is an awesome bible based curriculum written by a home schooler. Has some really good activities for any preschooler. We also incorporate fun and interesting units depending on the season or what the boys have interest - like the Star Wars Lego unit I'm putting together for sometime in March. And of course we read A LOT!  Sometimes best laid plans fall short though - like my cool snow and snowman units we did in January with no snow!  

But we could still eat snowmen! Note lack of snow out the window. 



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