Monday, February 27, 2012

Something Silly Going On!

Today we started our Dr. Seuss week. Lots of reading and silliness going on. I love that after giving Clark a hat to color that I printed off, he proceeded to color it (in color pattern order - yes he likes patterning), cut it out, went to the closet, retrieved white construction paper, drew his own hat, colored it and cut it out. Then he asked for help to make the band so he could wear his hat. You see his hat had to have a front and a back! The great thing was his hat was SO much better than the one I printed for him. Much more Seuss looking!

On Sunday, Alan took the boys out to a neighbor's farm to see their new baby goats.  They had 9+ baby goats.  Technically Alan could count this as a Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) visit since it is a family he has in class.

Look at how CUTE these little guys are (my kiddos too).  These are the same type of goats we have.  Unfortunately it didn't work out to get our girls bred this winter.  So no baby goats for us :(
We are hopeful to buy a little boy this summer though so we have our own male around come fall.  Because next Spring I want this in my barnyard!

Addie and I stayed home.  Mommy needed to catch up on work and Addie needed her nap after having her schedule all messed up the day before.  I couldn't resist these silly photos.  She LOVES her exersaucer!  She can make it rock and send everything dancing.

Recently she discovered the mirror.  She thinks this is great fun to look in.

She likes the fish to chew on.  Clark also liked chewing on this fish.  Odd to think in just a month or so she'll have outgrown this and our nearly five year old exersaucer will be ready for a yard sale.

Anyway - just some silliness from our little neck of the woods!  Thanks for stopping by!

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