Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 14 - 2 Weeks Until Opening Day!

Two weeks and counting until opening day.  However, a lot of my food entries will be entered the Sunday through Wednesday prior to that.  And then all of the floriculture and horticulture will be much later into the second week.  Speaking of floriculture and horticulture - this is where I am beginning to wonder whether I will make my 100 entry goal or not.  I was planning on having some entries in these two areas but going out to my garden after the major storms two weeks ago just depresses me.  Looks like I should have some cucumbers both pickling and slicing.  I hope to have some beans still producing.  Other than that, not sure what I'll have.  This is why you never count chickens before they hatch as grandma used to say.

So, the focus turns back to food exhibits because this is where I'll have to make up the difference.  The boys and I splurged on some fondant tools today.  What fun!  We are working on Grandma and Grandpa Clark's 40th Anniversary cakes.  Clark loves cutting the fondant and using the new fondant tools.  He had to know what each one did (I don't even know what they all do).

Last night we had some friends over and Beth commented on some of the shapes we had cut out to set up yesterday.  We both liked utilizing old egg cartons to shape flowers - they work great.

I went to show her the butterflies that we had put in an old birthday card to set the shape and the card was empty.  I asked Alan if he knew where they went.  He mentioned Clark had been playing with it but I still couldn't find them anywhere on the counter.  This morning when Clark came out to the kitchen I asked if he knew where our butterflies went that we had made yesterday.  So honest and point blank; "they went in my tummy mommy!"  Well, mystery solved.  When asked if they tasted good he replied; "yeah, they were good - they're all in my tummy."  Can't fault that logic.

As I am writing tonight I am waiting for the cakes to bake.  I doubled the Golden Vanilla Cake recipe to see if that would work.  So far so good.  This way I should have enough cake for the family get together and some cupcakes to freeze to use for a couple different classes.  We also cut enough fondant flowers to decorate a cake for the Iowa State Fair as well as the one for the family.  I like it when one batch can serve double duty.

We went to town tonight to get some supper.  Afterwards Clark wanted to walk on campus.  It was such a beautiful night it was hard to deny the request.  So we went for a campus walk.  Grant and Clark both loved the fountain outside the Memorial Union and we could have probably stayed much longer than we did.  I mention this because this has become not just a blog regarding fair entries but a daily update of our lives for me to print out for the boys so they have a glimpse as to what went on when they were little.  This little stroll also reminded me that this is where extension stems from and back in the day fair's were showcases and educational platforms for what men and women did during the year.  A way to help other community members learn new techniques as well as show pride in their work and hopefully some winning ribbons. (Currently the songs from the musical "State Fair" are running through my head - who doesn't like the family's contribution to mother's fair winning mincemeat?  If right now you are saying you have never seen State Fair - you need to watch it!).  Side note from my husband - watch the Roy Rogers version rather than the remake.

Anyway I hope there has been some of those same ideals that have gone along with the blog.  And let's not forget the ISF theme this year "Non-Stop Fun."  This has been some fun ride and really it is only now just beginning!

Welcome to those of you joining the blog after reading Cheryl Tevis' article in Successful Farming!  I think the most fun about doing this whole thing has been the new and interesting people I have been able to meet and talk to along the way.  Let me just say my little self - motivational blog for this project has certainly snowballed but I love how many people have shown encouragement along the way.  No, I'm not a crazy women (although many would beg to differ) just a very goal-oriented, progress driven one.  As a person with an Agricultural Education degree I have enjoyed teaching my boys along the way and what they have learned and the skills they show me everyday are the happiest moments of all.

Now, I must go clean my mixer bowl and make frosting.

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