Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3 Years Old, 2 Doctors, 1 Day

Well, you already know we like to cram a lot into our days here in the Spencer household.  Today we had two back to back doctor appointments.  Why?  Since Clark was suddenly admitted into preschool I am now playing catch up and the preschool asks for eye and dental checks before starting school.  Amazingly both the dentist and the eye doctor had times available this week.  However, only this afternoon - back to back.  Threw in a dental check up for myself too just to make it more fun.  Luckily, Aunt Hollie watched Grant so only one little guy to worry about - so many thanks to Hollie!

Clark was just the best little boy I could ask for today.  The dental hygienist was amazed at how he just sat and let her clean his teeth and apply some floride.  He watched a fun video about a monkey and tooth care (how can that not be fun) while they worked.  Afterwards Clark was given a warm blanket, some popcorn and a glass of orange juice in my room while they finished checking my teeth.  Did I forget to mention that he did all of this by himself while I was in a completely different room having my teeth worked on?  My little boy is growing up.  Finished at the dentist just in time to head to the opposite side of town to visit the eye doctor.

We did yet another round of paperwork while waiting for the doctor.  Clark had his toy car that he picked from the treasure chest at the dentist office to keep him occupied.  Dentist offices are SO NOT what I remember when I was growing up.  I sat in the room with him this time.  The eye doctor did a great job working with such a young person.  Clark completed all the rounds of tests with little squirming.  Found out he has great eye sight (20/20) which is somewhat rare for kids his age since their eyesight isn't always fully developed at this age.  He also had above average depth perception for his age - so his eyes are great!  That's good - he needs all the help he can get because genetically glasses are in his future.

The highlight of his day though was getting to play with his cousin Ty!  When Alan got home and asked what Clark had done today, Clark's response was: "I played with Ty!"  I have a feeling Clark is going to enjoy preschool.

We also worked some on the basement.  Cleaned out all of my old supply closet so we can tear out the wall that is beginning to mold.  Can't wait to start painting.  Somehow a new coat of paint seems to freshen and clean everything up.  Have a lot to do though before we hit the painting stage.

Grant is now into floor wrestling with his big brother.  We have taught Clark if they want to do this Grant needs to be the attacker for now.  He seems fine with this arrangement.

The cat just watches from his lofty spot on high.

And Grant now loves to blow kisses.

And give the kiss to you.

I also have to add one final note.  My hoya plant (which was my grandmother's) has over 6 clumps of blooms on it and today the first one opened.  This seems fitting since this is grandma's birthday.  It was nice to see the blooms since they remind me of her and this just seemed right that it would bloom today almost as if it was blooming in her honor.

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Grandma was there! How cool is that!