Monday, January 3, 2011

The Time Capsule

Happy New Year!

OK - confession, our New Year has not begun so swiftly.  Things involving electrical fires (bye bye well house and pressure tank; hello - manually hauling water to livestock from the house until Spring), flooding (including flooding with live wires in the water), pink eye (Grant should no longer be contagious tomorrow), cracked windshield, no internet service (new router now good to go), etc have all occurred in the last few days.  On the bright side I figure things can only get better from here.  I hope pray this is the case.

Anyway - thought I'd share a fun activity we started with the boys last year and now it is officially a tradition (2 years in a row counts as tradition right?) - the time capsule:

This was so much fun!  I pulled out the 2009 time capsule and the boys and I looked through the pictures, drawings and favorites for that year.  Than we searched our archive folders and pulled out favorites from 2010.

Artwork, photos, first haircut trimmings, stamps from our Christmas card envelopes, etc.

Also, some programs from important events this past year.

Pull out a can from the recycling/craft bin, some aluminum foil, markers and paint sample chips.  We always end up picking up a couple paint samples when we go to stores that have them.  We use them for lots of crafts throughout the year.

For this activity we write down favorite things (toys, movies, food) and prices of things like milk and fuel.  See my little helper's hand?

Don't forget the large basket of stickers.  This is the boys' favorite part.

Grant enjoyed decorating the outside with lots of animal stickers :)

Clark was more into the letter and number stickers.

Now we have a time capsule to open next January.  It's fun to see how things have changed even in just one short year.  Not sure what I'll do with all these capsules someday but they sure are fun.

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Beth said...

Oh goodness! So sorry to hear about all the trials the last few days. Praying for you!

Cool idea to create time capsules.