Monday, January 17, 2011

FNSI Coming Up & Some Finished Projects

This Friday, January 21st is the first Friday Night Sew In (FSNI) for 2011!  After the boys are in bed I'm heading for the sewing room.  I have a number of projects piling up.  If you want to join in click the button on the right hand side of my blog and join the fun Friday!  And FYI: it doesn't have to be sewing - if you have some beading, craft or scrap booking projects those count too!

This past Friday I finished off some projects for the Iowa FFA Alumni Conference.  They hold both a live and silent auction to generate funds for the year.  My husband so kindly asked me to make a few things I couldn't say no.  Ended up donating 2 purses, 2 large pillows, and 1 small pillow.

Purse 1:  Made out of the exact same corduroy used to make the FFA Jackets.  Yes, ordered directly from National FFA.  This is very stiff corduroy - it stands on its own (really, I'm not making that up).  Makes me very happy grandma's machine handles it with no problems.  The other key being a good sharp needle that is good for denim.

Two 16 x 16" corduroy pillows.

Purse #2 - Just a fun one - I have a second one just like it sitting in my sewing room waiting to be finished (I think it will be pretty for February).

And finally my small 8 x 8" pillow that went on the Silent Auction (the others were all on live auction).

All told my items brought over $110.00 in sales.  Not too bad.  The big pillows went for no less than $25.00 each!  I had a hard time believing that - but they are rather one of a kind.  My dad put a 30" wreath on the auction too and it brought a nice price.

We ended up bringing home a cute little rocking chair for the boys.  I've been to many auctions but never have I purchased something without intending too.  Somehow while my husband and I were talking in the back he "bought" the chair.  He knows the rules - no talking with your hands at an auction!  Oh well, it was cute and the boys love it!  Grant especially - he's fascinated with chairs his size.  And as I was in line to pay my father-in-law beat me to the table and paid for it - so many thanks to grandpa for our little chair!

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