Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New York, New York

The weekend before Christmas my mom, sister in law and a friend of my sister drove to Kansas City together to fly to Washington D.C. to meet my sister in order to all drive up (and meet another friend of hers) to New York City.  It was a fabulous adventure!  This was actually my third trip to NYC.  The first time was with my husband in December of 2001 for our 5 year anniversary.  The second time was in the summer with my husband and his father (on a baseball tour).  Personally I like the winter trips best.

This trip can be summarized in a visit to famous TV show locations.

First on the agenda some Georgetown cupcakes.  They were delicious!  And they were taping.

Mom and I in the big city.  Seriously, I feel like such a country mouse in the big city.

I couldn't resist photos of large novelty lights and ornaments.

The view from our hotel was absolutely amazing!  My sister does such a great job finding the best places.

OK - the second day silly me forgot to put her battery back in the camera.  Charged it and everything - got mom's back in and left mine on the desk in the hotel room.  I did take some great pictures with mom's camera but haven't had a chance to download them onto my computer.

Anyway - the whole reason for the trip was to go wedding dress shopping with my sister!  Yes, we went to Kleinfeld's (Say Yes to the Dress on TLC) and yes, they were taping.  Yes, my sister said yes to the dress (not on TV - we weren't one of the families taped).  All I have to say is the people were really nice.  Randy made mom's day (week) by giving her a compliment!  It was lots of fun.

After dress shopping we went to the Nutcracker Ballet.  So amazing!  Before we started the Christmas Tree Farm we would do a girls trip to the Nutcracker in Ames but we haven't done that in a very long time.  

On the last day of the trip my sister pampered me and took us all to MOOD (of Project Runway fame - one of my favorites)!  I thought for sure everyone would be waiting on me to make my choices.  So HARD to decide - I've never been in a store with so much fabric (and trims and notions).  But I picked the two fabrics below and a couple pretty trims.  Not sure for what yet but the fabric called to me from the vast shelves of yardage.

And to my surprise everyone was bitten by the fabric bug (I was in fact the first to make my selections and check out).  My sister even found some gorgeous fabric (again, not sure what she'll do with it but it called to her).

Finally - this really horrible photo is of Carlo's Bakery (Cake Boss fame).  We thought about stopping (it was on our way home) but the line went down the block and across the street.  We can at least say we did a drive by!

Mission accomplished - my sister found a stunning dress and we had a great girls' weekend in the big city!  

Did I mention the cheese danishes?  No.  Yes, I ate lots of cheese danishes - I'm hoping the miles worth of walking took the calories away.  Seriously, I would travel to NYC just for the cheese danishes :)  


Beth said...

Wow! What a great trip! Wish we could see photos of your sis's dress - suppose those'll come after the wedding. Glad you had a fabulous time. Thanks for sharing!

dmm said...

WOW Sounds amazing! I want to go to NYC so bad!!!!

dmm said...

Sounds so amazing! I want to go to NYC so bad.