Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's Up

Wasn't sure where to start my post tonight.  We've been very busy!

On Sunday morning, while getting Grant dressed for church, he pointed to the cowboy boots on the top of his shelves.  He wanted to wear them in the worst way.  These were actually his daddy's boots that Grandma Spencer had saved all these years.  Grandpa Spencer brought the box of boots from size 1 all the way to about size 10 a few months ago.  These were a little big for Grant but he loved wearing them (after learning how to walk in them)!

Sunday afternoon a friend of mine had a girl's craft night!  It was fantastic!  There were only 3 of us but we accomplished so much and had just the best time.  Below are some of the cards I accomplished - which frankly wouldn't have been done without this craft day.

I even made some cute bookmarks out of the card scraps.

And - best of all, I put together all of Clark's Valentine's for his class party.  Look at this - completed over 2 weeks in advance!

Last night my husband and I had an invitation to attend the 25th Annual Taste of Elegance at the Des Moines Marriott.  We're invited every year but last year was bad weather and it had been a few years since we had gone.  We invited a couple of other friends to go with us and had a fabulous time!

There were 12 chefs that each prepared a pork dish (this is hosted by the Iowa Pork Producers).  This was a competitive event for the chefs.  The top chef goes to the National event.  The top 3 chefs were awarded cash prizes.  There is also a People's Choice award given out.  The chef who won was my People's Choice award nominee!  Not bad taste buds, huh!

It was a great evening mingling with friends and eating awesome food.  Our table ended up being a revolving group of friends and acquaintances.   I was stuffed by the end of the evening.  Twelve little samples add up pretty fast!  There were also some wonderful looking wines from Iowa wineries that were free for sampling.  Unfortunately, I had to pass that up this year.

Beth and I at the event!  The oddest part was during the tasting our husbands went to select samples while we held down the table.  At one point when they came back I think my husband almost dropped the plates when he saw we were entertaining the First Lady and the Lt. Governor (and their husbands).  Beth and I were just being nice and offered part of our table that wasn't being used for them to land for a bit.  Of course once another table opened up they moved on - but still, how often can we say we dined with the Governor, First Lady and Lt. Governor?  

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Beth said...

Sunday was fun, wasn't it!?! And thanks for the fun night last night too! We had such a great time. We're so thankful and so blessed to have such great friends :)