Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Plans for 2011!

I apologize to those of you looking for Test Kitchen Thursday.  I promise to post my Lemon Dream Cheesecake recipe tomorrow.

My post tonight comes with an announcement - God will be blessing our family with another little baby!  We are very excited!  Today Alan and I traveled to Iowa City for our 7 week ultrasound and found little peanut healthy with a nice strong heart rate.  Even though the blood work a few weeks ago said pregnant I have a hard time really showing excitement until I see that first ultrasound and see all is well.  Since finding out we were pregnant my prayer has been the same each day (more a mantra really) and has been the same for each child -- please Lord let the child be happy and healthy.

We told Clark and Grant the news tonight.  Grant, of course, is too young to understand and Clark replied, "there's no baby in your tummy, mommy!"  It may take awhile for him to get used to the idea of a baby growing in mommy.  He adamantly refused to believe he had once been in mommy's tummy.  From a 3-year old's standpoint I can see how this may be a disturbing thought.

My plans for the 2011 ISF will probably need revamped now.  The baby's due date is August 26th but it is possible baby will arrive the second week of the ISF.  I think 2011 will focus on sewing projects and canned goods with some Creative Arts and Heritage thrown in.  But the baking for this year will have to be scaled back to very little if any at all.  You may also see my sewing begin to focus more on baby items :)  Of course, the overall tiredness is not helping me accomplish much of anything right now.

This doesn't mean I'll stop in my encouragement for those of you planning for your fairs this coming year.  I'm always here to champion you in your fair entry pursuits!


dmm said...

Congrats you two this is great news!

eparker019 said...

Congratulations!! What a very exciting time. Best wishes to you and your family!!