Thursday, January 13, 2011

Test Kitchen Thursday - A Tutorial

Today I'm bringing you a tutorial on how to prep your boards for display at the ISF.  Now I know other fairs may have different rules and requirements but this works very well for the ISF specifications (and is what the judges want to see).  If you read to the very bottom there will be a cinnamon roll prize for you!

This pertains to exhibiting breads (yeast & quick), yeast rolls and muffins.  Sorry, I meant to do this before the 2010 ISF but ran out of time so now you'll have it well in advance of the 2011 ISF.

Materials Needed:

  • Cardboard (start saving now - I like heavy corrugated cardboard or take the backs of old notepads, etc.)  If your cardboard isn't thick enough double or triple the layers.
  • OR - Foam board (I started using foam board this year - it was marvelous, but, it is more expensive).
  • Freezer Paper (not wax or parchment)
  • Tape (good old fashioned masking tape)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Pan

Using your pan as a guide mark a line on your foam core or cardboard.  If you will be using different pan sizes make some for each pan size.  It is very important that there is only 1" or less of the cardboard "plate" showing when you set your baked product on it.  So give yourself some extra space but not much.

Once the boards are cut you can wrap them with the freezer paper.  Question:  must I do this if I use white cardboard or foam core?  Answer: YES!  This provides a beautiful finishing touch.

Make sure the shiny or slippery side of the freezer paper is to the outside.  Make sure your masking tape is good and sticky since it won't like the slippery side.  No matter what type of bread/baked good you make there will be grease.  If you put the baked goods on the shiny side of the freezer paper the grease won't soak in and leave stains.  This will help your breads show much better!  Trust me - judges specifically ask for this!

See - all wrapped up nice and tight in a pretty little package.   Ready for some yummy baked goods!

And since I can't leave without letting you have a recipe how about links to the 2010 and 2009 ISF Champions Tone's Cinnamon Rolls:

2009:  Nancy Johnson of Story City, Iowa
2010:  Janice Nostrom of Humboldt, Iowa

{Hint:  when exhibiting cinnamon rolls make them large and put 4 in an 8" square pan.  Take your best pan of four.}

If you have any questions on exhibiting foods let me know - I'd love to help you find an answer and am always willing to give little tips and tricks that I have learned along the way!

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