Thursday, January 27, 2011

Warming Trend

Yesterday was so warm we had to go outside and play!  OK - warm at this point is a relative term, I consider anything above 20 degrees F lovely this time of year!

So, we went to do chores and play in the snow.  We let our darling little goats out for some much deserved play time too!  They had a blast running between their pen and the chicken pen!

Grant just wanted to stay in the barn and watch the animals.  Not that you can tell but this is Grant saying "chicky."

Really - I couldn't get him to leave.  He was very engrossed in the animals.

Clark meanwhile enjoyed playing outside on the 5 foot snowdrifts that allowed him to look down on us from outside.

He thought the hills were great!

And made for good sledding.

After finally convincing Grant we should maybe go in, Clark pulled him up to the house in the sled.

I just have to add that on Tuesday when I picked Clark up from preschool his teacher told me how proud she was of Clark.  He had gotten his snowpants, hat, coat, boots and mittens on all by himself.  All the teacher helped with was the zipper!  He's getting to be such a big boy.  Now, the pants were on backwards and the boots were on the wrong feet but hey, he did it himself and that's pretty great!

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Anonymous said...

It looks cold still! The boys look like they're having a blast in the snow!