Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Many thanks to Aunt Em who gifted Clark some Star Wars LEGO's for Christmas!  This yielded hours of fun this past weekend!

Look at the boys hanging on every word, patiently waiting for instructions from daddy.

What great and amazing things did I accomplish while the boys were busy with LEGO play?  Absolutely nothing :(  Unfortunately baby #3 has plans of its own and right now that is to make me sick and very tired.  How does something the size of peanut bring a full grown woman to her knees?  I never felt this horrible with the other two so I'm not sure what's in store.  Luckily it should start getting better now that I'm moving into month 3 (I hope).

Luckily the new Murray McMurray Hatchery catalog came this weekend!  I have made my spring poultry selection already.  Need to save up money to purchase my required 15 head of turkeys (aack - $10.00 a piece).  I'm looking at 2 different breeds.  Definitely the Narragansett and I think some Royal Palms (but I may change my mind for some Blue Slate).  As much as I would like more water fowl that may have to wait another year since I would like to order a new incubator this year.  One with big windows so the boys can watch the hatching.

I know there are probably cheaper hatcheries out there but I have had nothing but excellent product from Murray McMurray and they have a huge selection of rare breeds.  I believe in being a grower of rare breeds in order to help keep them from falling into non existence.  Plus, some of the older or rarer breeds are actually much better than the more commercial breeds.  My turkens (chickens with naked necks) produce even in the dead of winter and are hardy little girls as are my little barred rocks.  The best is when they cross and I have barred turkens - so cute!

Now to go through all the beautiful garden catalogs piling up in my catalog basket.

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