Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WiP Wednesday {Works in Progress}

With a new start to a new year I decided I needed some accountability with some of the projects I have going.  At least if I keep a tally each week it may remind me I don't need anything else on my sewing plate.  Some of these are projects that would be great to finish for the Iowa State Fair and others will be longer (more like 2012 or later).

So I've decided to follow and link up with:

New Projects:
Tips and Tricks Quilt Along with Cricket Studios - Block 1 {done}
Actually - since I already had the material cut I decided to do two!  I'm thinking of doing a rainbow quilt.  So scraps from each color of the rainbow per block.  Next time Carrie posts I'll have my orange scraps ready.

Birdie Stitches Block of the Month (BOM) at Little Miss Shabby - Block 1 {pieced, ready to embroider}
I'm using the Jelly Roll my guys bought for me on my birthday.  I love the colors.  Let's hope my embroidery skills do it justice.

On-Going Projects:
Layer Cake Quilt Along - finished 1 block this week (still 2 blocks behind)

Items in Wait (Did nothing with this week):
That Girl That Quilt Along - still hanging on my design wall; hit a road block and so it sits until I figure out the next step
30's Reproduction Block Quilt - ready to piece
Brown Bag Quilt - fabric selected; design drawn up (now to get brave and cut)

Completed Tops Awaiting Quilting:
Clark's Dinosaur Quilt
Grant's Cowboy Quilt

This week's stats:
New projects - 2
Completed projects - 0
Currently in progress - 

Now to work on my blog and update my buttons for new projects!  

Not that I will probably get much accomplished on this list this week.  My husband has asked me to make some items for a charity auction in mid-January.  Currently I am thinking I might make a couple bags (if I find some pretty blue and gold fabric), a blue corduroy pillow, and possibly a basket filled with 2010 ISF Blue Ribbon recipes.  Yes, that should make for happy Iowa FFA Alumni.  But we'll see how much I can actually accomplish.  You know - because little projects like this one today keep me on my toes:

The boys and I made a snowman for grandma's birthday today (Happy Birthday Mom!).  The letter of the month both at Preschool and at home is S - so lots of snowmen, snowflakes, snow in general.  I found the cute snowman tutorial at Crafts & Sutch.  He was so fun to make!

Clark enjoyed painting the spool for his hat and picking out just the right black buttons!

I wish there were more classes (in sewing and in creative arts) at the ISF for recycled projects - really, it's such a great way to make something and there are so many unique ideas.  But I digress.  

As we were working on grandma's snowman I thought this would make a great Project Compassion gift for church shut-ins next winter.  If I can find some congregation members with sweaters to donate it would be a super cute inexpensive gift.  I'm always on the hunt for inexpensive, easy crafts that would make people smile.  Plus, the confirmand or Sunday School students could easily help put it together.  Hmm - need to keep this project in mind.

Wondering what happened to sleeve #2 - we plan to take the second sleeve and make one for our house too!


Melanie said...

All of your blocks are so pretty! I am especially loving the embroidery blocks everyone is working on, but alas I don't embroider, not yet anyway!

Lee said...

Lots of really cute blocks here. : ) Looks like good progress to me! Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday. See you next time!

Megan said...

Your list looks great! :) I could go for some of that hot and humid state fair weather right about now! Enough snow and cold for me!

Happy WiP Wednesday!