Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 100 - The Countdown Begins!

Day 100 - let the countdown begin!  Now for those of you expecting me to "complete" one entry a day that is/was really not my plan.  However, I will blog each day about a project I am working towards completing and usually a few hints of what worked, what didn't work and any possible tips I may have regarding a class/division.

Today my progress on an entry involved digging and planting new flower beds in the backyard.  Needed to get those plants from my brother planted plus divide and transplant some of my own plants.  Looking at the number of plants still in buckets in my backyard I may be able to plant the entire yard!  Doubt time will allow that but we'll see what can be accomplished this week.

How does this relate to entries?  When it comes to entering in floral design classes I tend to love natural plant material I have raised myself.  Ornamental grasses, hosta leaves, even iris and day lily leaves can add to the beauty and structure of a floral arrangement.  Hosta leaves are one of my favorite green fill to utilize in floral design.

I do have to tell you that the gauntlet has been thrown down by a friend of mine.  She wants to enter in the table design class at the Clay County Fair and I mentioned she should try to enter one of the table design classes at the Iowa State Fair.  She said she would if I entered with her in at both fairs.  So we shall see how this plays out.  The biggest factor is being able to actually get into the class.  They are very popular classes and are limited classes.  So first people to get their entries in and paid for are the ones that will be able to exhibit in these classes.  I have entered in the design classes before and have even earned a rosette but I always feel out of my league since many of the exhibitors are professional florists.  The design has to be well thought out in advance and I have to be confident it will look wonderful before I try to enter.

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Kristin said...

One of my favorite things to look at are the table designs at the Clay County Fair. I usually go on the first Saturday and always wish I could go back mid week to see the new tables. Good luck!

Kristin G