Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 99 - Love of Garden Centers

Not much to tell today - had a lot of other work to do.  However, after stopping at the office we needed to run a couple of errands.  While at Walmart Clark decided we had to go see the flowers.  He picked out some impatiens to plant after carefully considering all of his options -- he really wanted some marigolds but I convinced him we had plenty of those at home already from the seeds we started.  Went to Earl May to pick up another 10 lbs of potatoes to finish off the potato plot.  Clark and I tend to mutually love this store.  Clark enjoys the bunnies and fish. He absolutely loves all of the water features and he likes to pick out flowers for home.  Today we made it out of the store with just our potatoes (a variety I haven't tried before - Cobbler) and 30 glad bulbs.

When it comes to the glads I have decided that I need a couple of varieties that I mass plant so that I have a chance of having multiples of one color for arrangements.  Hopefully my planting time is right.  It is best to plant glads every couple of weeks to extend the bloom time (and hope you get one planting that hits the time frame you want).  My luck I'll have blooms on both sides of when I need them but none during the competition - ha, ha!

We do have the plot ready for the glads to go into; however, today was so windy even after supper that I decided not to take the boys out.  So planting will have to wait tomorrow.  Sorry for any foodies reading the blog - not much in the food department this week -- need to get the plants in first!

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