Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 83 - Casserole Take 2

Today was spent washing cupboards and floors and cleaning the oven.  Tomorrow there will be a photographer from Successful Farming coming to take some photos.  I'll have to be sure and thank the columnist for forcing my hand and washing down the kitchen.  It needed it - especially considering the fact that we are having a big family gathering next weekend.

In preparation I decided to try my egg bake casserole a second time around (the one I made at Easter time).  This time I made some changes.  I put it in a smaller casserole dish rather than a 9 x 13 pan which should provide more height.  Also added in saut√©ed onions, peppers and mushrooms.  My only concern with this is the pepper and onion flavor may overpower the rest of the dish.  This is why I wanted to try it a second time around in case this happens I can readjust again.

I also put together some cinnamon rolls.  This would be my entry for the non-traditional cinnamon rolls.  I use a jam I make in the filling to add some surprise.  I thought when I spread the filling on I had it sticky enough but it still ran a little when I cut the rolls to place in the pan so need to add one more tablespoon of flour to stabilize the mixture.  Letting them rise overnight to see how that works.  I also tried a new sweet roll recipe which turned out excellent!  It rolled out so nicely.  I am excited to see how it tastes - if it is as good as it seems then it is a keeper.  For competition with rolls I always cut the ends of the log off and bake them up separately.  This works out nicely since it gives me two test rolls (one for each son)!  The ends if you use them bake up unevenly so I find taking them off makes a more even pan.  Any way just one of the little things I do.

More on how everything turns out tomorrow . . .


Anonymous said...

Do you share your wonderful recipes anywhere on your blog?

spencers said...

Anonymous - currently I am not sharing my recipes on the blog. Since I am entering them in competition I would prefer not to post them before the ISF. However, I promise to post recipes following the fair - I think that is only fair for people who have followed along with me!