Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Days 94- 91 California Dreamin'

Sorry about not having any blog posts recently!  I am in California with the science fair students who qualified for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.  Finally had a few minutes of downtime so thought I would post a quick blog.  Yesterday the group traveled up to San Francisco for the day.  It was a beautiful day and saw so many neat things.  Lunch was absolutely fantastic.  All I have to say is if I had that corn muffin recipe and could execute like they did it would be a blue ribbon winner for sure!  They melted in your mouth - the only thing that would probably have made them better would have been fresh Iowa sweet corn.

We are in San Jose and currently the students are being judged by judges from around the world.  We'll see how our Iowans do tomorrow and Friday during the 3 award ceremonies.

Next week I'll get back to baking and experimenting.  For now I am just gathering ideas and thinking about my projects back home. Till next time good luck on all of your projects back home!

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