Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 102 - Bargain Day

Today was just an overall fantastic day!  Started out this morning hitting garage sales with two other friends and Clark.  After 3 hours of walking and sales Clark was still going strong.  Clark even found a birthday gift for Grant and plenty of items for himself as well.  All of us did well.  My two favorite finds included a stainless steel jelly pot (for making yummy jams and jellies) for $2.00 and 6 yards of fabric for a coat I want to make for only $2.00.  I am so excited!

When we returned home we ate some lunch and I decided to try making some plum jam (in my new pot).  However, when Alan and I started cutting up the plums we decided they just weren't ripe enough.  So, I put the plums in brown bags on the counter and will try again later this week.  As I was wondering what else to do in the afternoon my brother called and said if I wanted some plants I should come get them.  Headed into town and dug up 8 bags of lilies, day lilies, and some unknown bulbs.  Not sure if we can get them planted tomorrow afternoon but will try.

Later I rode with a friend down to Ankeny for a girl's night shopping trip.  The best find of the day was at the fabric store.  Since I had found my coat fabric at a yard sale I decided to get the lining so I can start working on it one of these evenings.  We found some beautiful fabric to line it with that will simply pop when the coat is opened.  Since the other fabric had been such a deal I decided I could splurge a little on the lining to make it a $20 coat.  When it was rung up we found out it was on sale today so now my coat total is down to $8.  Can't beat that!  I have the thread and buttons needed - the only other items I need are the buckles which shouldn't add too much to the total.  Later in the evening we spent time at Michael's just looking at various craft items and gathering ideas.  I did pick up a few beads and will try a piece or two.

Whew! It has been a long day.  Calling it quits for now - we'll just have to see what tomorrow brings!

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