Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 85 - Beautiful Day

What a beautiful Iowa day!  Today I worked on mulching the garden.  So cute, Clark wanted to help so he took his little rake and helped rake grass into a pile.  Than he put it in our wagon one handful at a time.  Finally, he very much wanted to push the wagon to the proper location.  Yes, slower than I would normally go but so much fun!  Hopefully this will help keep my weeding down to a bare minimum.  The glads are coming up so I want to be sure they are well mulched.    No time for weeding!

Transplanted the peppers into larger pots.  I hope to set them out in the cold frame tomorrow with the tomatoes to harden them off.  Holding off on planting the tomatoes and peppers in the garden until maybe Memorial Day Weekend -- want to make sure those cold nights are gone for good.  Somehow I had a white fly infestation on the peppers - hopefully I took care of most of them when I transplanted them.

Also worked on cleaning up the sewing room.  Need to spread out and have a bit more space down there.  Plus it is just so much nicer working in an organized environment.

Clark wants to know when I plan to bake cake so will probably have to work on that later this week!  He still hasn't decided what he wants for his "happy birthday party" cake so I may just go with whatever I think looks cool for turning 3 (I realize this won't work many more years).

Trying to determine if I want to do rhubarb jam up or not.  I think I would rather wait for strawberries.  However, should probably think about freezing some rhubarb so I have it for later use.  I suppose a rhubarb crisp would be good for dinner one of these days too.

Anyway - rather random today but am trying to get things organized before jam and jelly season and hot afternoons spent in the basement sewing room.  Enjoy the great weather this week!

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