Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 86 - Entries are IN!

Submitted my entry form on-line today!

I actually had a couple problems with the form but they were fixed in no time.  I went to recalculate the totals and they were all double the price listed in the entry book.  Whoops!  E-mailed the ISF entry department and had a quick reply that they had been contacted by others facing same issue and were working on it.  It was back to running properly this morning.  I must say the turn around time and response time was very fast and very appreciated!

So for my entry tags I asked for 10 in Creative Arts and Crafts; 10 in Heritage Exhibits; 10 in Fabrics and Threads; 40 in Floriculture; 20 in Horticulture; and 100 in Foods.  So 190 total entries.  Now, this number is high.  There is no way I'll fill all of these but here is my line of thinking. I am never sure exactly how many entries I will be able to fill in any one area; however, I know a rough estimate.  So, if I decide my goal is 8 entries I will round up to 10 entries.  It costs me the same whether I enter 8 or 10 so I go with the highest number available in my goal range.  This way if I end up with an extra exhibit or two I have some room to play.  Plus, it never hurts to have a spare tag in case I mess one up so horribly it becomes illegible (or my son drops it in water).  You just never know - and the fair doesn't hand out extras.

My youngest was sick today as was my husband so other than taking care of paying for entries I didn't get much else accomplished on the actual entry side of things.  Plus, after vacation and graduation cakes this house needs a good cleaning so that will probably top my to do list this week.

Just letting you know the entry form process is super simple - you have until July 1 to complete your form (before they double the prices for real)!

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