Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 81 - Preparing to Sew and Other Odds and Ends

Breakfast this morning included the last of the cinnamon rolls I made on Friday for the photo shoot.  They were good even a day later.  One thing I worry about when taking breads is how the bread still functions after sitting for a time.  Bread is truly best 1/2 hour after coming out of the oven but since my entries have to travel about 40 minutes and will probably sit a couple of hours before judging I like to make sure they hold well.  This was a new dough that I tried and it held well.  However, I think the dough would have risen better if I had not put the rolls in the fridge to rise overnight.  Probably better off baking right away.  The filling was awesome - other than I forgot to add the toasted nuts to it so I added them on top of the frosting.

This morning Clark and I went to a few garage sales.  He had his own birthday money (thanks Aunt Sara!); bought two items and he still has money left over for next time.  I didn't fair as well as he did other than picking up a bunch of Little People for Grant's birthday present.  Well, also picked up some very cheap fabric for my stash.

This afternoon my wonderful husband helped me hang my notion's cabinet in the sewing room.  After some furniture moving my sewing/craft room is finally coming together.  I haven't had a great place to spread out and store my craft items so this is great!  I do better when things are organized - pretty non-functioning when everything is disorganized.  Honestly - you have no idea how excited I am to have this near completion!  No more hauling my sewing machine upstairs to work on projects. 

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