Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 80 - Inspirational Photos

Going to do something different tonight.  My family has a history with the Iowa State Fair and with showing cattle in general.  Grandma and dad taught me all they knew when it came to showing dairy cattle.  I always admired my grandma and found her an inspiration since she showed cattle even when it may not have been as proper for a women to do so.  She showed not only at the ISF but also at the National Cattle Congress (Need to change this after a call from dad.  Grandma exhibited at the International Livestock Exposition in Chicago not the National Cattle Congress).

Sitting on my desk is her 4H medallion that reads County 4H Live Stock Champion 1934.  She never bragged about what she did but she would tell me amazing stories such as going to Chicago with livestock by herself.  She rode in a special car with the cattle.

Grandma with her "baby beefs" in her 4-H uniform.  Thanks grandma for leading the way and never letting me not pursue a dream simply because I was a girl!

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