Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Days 78 & 79

Whoops!  Had date night last night and didn't post my blog.  Oh well, no big news other than my sewing room is awesome (not completely organized yet but can get to everything), my canning supplies are now all neatly organized and easily accessible and my entry tags all arrived in the mail!  So, I guess I'm ready to go.

Baking cakes for the boys' birthday party tomorrow.  Grant gets a duck cake and Clark decided he wanted a blue square cake with LOTS of candles.  So with some jelly roll magic and fondant fun I think he gets a Lego cake base with crayons and candles - if it works it should be cute!

Then after the party must get rest of garden in.  Checked tomatoes this morning they look like I bought them from a greenhouse.  So proud of how much money I saved on plants this year - will definitely start my own tomatoes again next year.

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