Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 106 - I want to help too, mommy!

Today didn't leave much time for ISF planning or project work.  Boys were up early so not as much morning mommy time as normal.  Needed to work on some things for the planning of the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair trip to San Jose in just 2 weeks.  For those of you who don't know I am not just a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) even though that is very much a full time job but I also work from home (part time) as the Director of the State Science + Technology Fair of Iowa.  Needed to straighten up the house since I had a babysitter coming for the evening.  Then went to an auction with a friend.

While playing with the boys in the morning I decided to flip through some of my cookbooks and notes that I had made at Christmastime.  All they needed to see were my post it note flags and they were both on my lap.  My 3 year old very much wanted to help so he pulled out flags to post in my books.  The 1 year old liked playing with the flags in the books.  All I have to say is I probably marked 3x more recipes than I could ever possibly complete and I only hope the flags are on the right recipes!  Oh well, it'll be fun deciphering my notes now!

I believe it's important to involve my boys in the process.  Clark loves to help plant and cook and bake and is even showing interest in my sewing area.  He also wants to go to garage sales with mommy this coming weekend.  I have to say nurturing Clark's 3 year old desire to copy everything is actually quite rewarding.  Little ones in the kitchen can be SO much fun.  I have to say probably the best gift I have ever received is the kitchen stand my parents gave me so that toddlers/children can work beside you safely at the counter.  After all learning and loving to play with flour and dough, cracking and whisking eggs, or sampling chocolate isn't exclusive to adults!

Just have to add that at the auction I managed to come away with a great deal.  In a bag of quilt scraps were over 20 hand pieced Dresdan Plate circles just waiting to be put on backgrounds plus an additional 30 some flower hand pieced blocks.  The bonus is I am pretty sure they are all feed sack fabrics!  If not they are very beautiful prints.  I have to give careful consideration to what I'll do with these.  Probably won't see this project completed for a few years!

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