Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 119 - Sweet Rolls

I love practicing sticky rolls.  Yes, I enter the Tones cinnamon roll competition every year.  I just love making rolls and trying new things.  Look at those golden beauties - what's not to love? I make up about 5 - 6 pans each year and give the extras to the Iowa FFA State Officer team in the FFA Headquarters.  After so many days and lots of hard work at the fair it just seems right to feed them something homemade.  They tend to get most of my leftovers (again - keeping those calories out of my house).  

MMM -- look someone couldn't even wait to sample before the rolls had their photo taken!  
OK - my apologies this didn't get posted yesterday - had some internet problems in the hotel - but all is well now.  So, sorry for those of you waiting for yummy sticky bun images yesterday!  Maybe since you couldn't see my photos you decided to try some of your own!  

Well, I tried the rolls two different ways - one with whole pecans and one with chopped pecans.  I prefer the chopped pecans but I think the whole pecans worked better.  However, I need to use a lot more of them since I want the tops covered with nuts.  I also tried a new bread dough recipe that had a nice texture.  Also tested whether I could double the recipe - the answer is YES!  The one thing with this dough is I need to be extra careful not to roll too tight or they pop their middles out.  This won't effect flavor but does drop points on appearance.  I also discovered I have a pan with a hole in the bottom; aagh - not good when melting sugary goodness that all ran out the bottom of the pan.  That pan is now permanently out of my pan collection -- it will find a new use.  Plus, I should not have used that pan anyway since it is a little larger than a 9x13 which meant the rolls weren't as close as the should have been.  I was happy with the overall color but need to work on my sizing since they weren't as uniform as I would have liked.

Ah well, plenty of time to practice some more and sample more sticky goodness!

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