Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 111 - Strawberries

Spent time in the garden finishing up planting my strawberries and asparagus.  Yes, I realize these plants won't be part of my 2010 entries; however, they will be producing strawberries for the 2012 jam season!  

The asparagus should be happy.  I utilized the hog manure we dried out last year to use as compost for the asparagus - pure garden gold!  Now, I have to admit I have tried starting an asparagus patch 2 different times in my life and both have ended in disaster so let's hope this goes better.  The first time I planted them all and was so happy I had used some hog manure as compost.  Unfortunately, I used too fresh manure and our dog dug them all out in order to get to the compost.  My plants dying in the mid-afternoon sun scattered across the garden was not a pretty sight.  The second time went a bit better except my husband accidently hit it one too many times with the mower -- my fault, poor location.  This time planted in the garden with the right amount of properly aged compost should yield a good asparagus crop.  I hope.

The peas also went in the ground today.  Hopefully there will be enough peas to freeze and utilize later.  Still need to transplant the raspberries and the rhubarb to their new garden locations but looks like that will need to wait until after the rain.

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