Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 121

Cake Mix Fix-up -- Tropical Orange Cake

I know this sounds like cheating but there is (or has been) a class for cake mixes that you "fix up."  I found my entry today.  I spruced up my mom's cake recipe (although hers is quite yummy as is).  I changed the frosting by adding in some cream cheese but also decided that next time I should add toasted coconut and pecans to the topping as well.  Today I simply made a 9x13 cake but for the actual fair will make a layer cake.

The cake was a winner with our 11 month old!  So ribbon or no -- my sons both think it's a winner!  Now, to send it to work with my husband in the morning so the calories are no longer sitting in my house.  Although, I will hold a couple pieces back but think I should save them for supper (and the babysitter)!

In other fair prep news -- my oldest son decided we needed more seeds at the greenhouse today.  We picked up some fun "kid friendly" seeds.  He wanted to plant them right away when we got home but the ground just isn't quite ready for his pumpkins and gourds.  So, I pulled out some old seed packets and we planted things such as eggplant, peppers, etc.  I am beginning to run out of trays and more importantly sunny areas to set them.

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