Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 115 - Weekly Plan

On the schedule for this week:

Monday -- Bread
Tuesday -- Banana Nut Bread or Muffins
Wednesday -- work on garden, cakes
Thursday -- hamburger buns, work on garden
Friday -- meetings all day
Saturday -- garden & quilting
Sunday -- Back to planning out the next week!  And hopefully some more gardening!

Ah - yesterday was a good day.  Beautiful Iowa weather, VEISHEA parade with friends and family and a mailbox full of glad corms and quilt blocks!  Now I will have to plan out the glad planting based on days to maturity to try and aim for the middle of the Iowa State Fair.

I joined an on-line quilt swap group.  My first swap blocks came yesterday! :) When I was looking through old entries I did see there was a class for quilts made from swapping or group collaboration.  So, if this is an option I may try to complete these blocks into a quilt for the fair.  The blocks were beautiful and I am so excited to play with them to form a quilt top.  Bad thing is it is so nice outside I really need to focus on the outdoor items first.  When it gets really hot come June and July I'll spend the hottest part of the day (also boys' nap time) in the cool of the basement finishing quilts and save the gardening for early morning and evenings.

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