Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 108 - Keep it Up!

Nothing like a little publicity to keep me on my toes!  Thanks to Kyle and the Des Moines Register for putting together such a great article!  This should help keep me focused and on track to reach my goal with so many following my progress.  Besides, I only have 100 entries to worry about.  Way back in the beginning when I started my blog I did mention that my 100 entries is small in comparison to some people but this is my goal that I do believe is achievable but also enough of challenge for me to make it interesting!

So, what's on deck for this week?  It may be a bit hectic with my husband at a conference all week but we'll see how the boys and I get along.  Here is my plan so far:

Monday:  Bread & Cookies (Clark keeps asking for cookies so we'll make something fun)
Tuesday:  Red Velvet Cake (to put in freezer for Whitney's graduation) + MUST transplant tomatoes and peppers!
Wednesday: Plum Jam
Thursday: Grant's tear duct surgery (round 2)
Friday: Onion Rolls or Braid
Saturday: Apple Butter

Today was spent cleaning the sewing room and organizing fabric.  My wonderful husband cleaned up a salvaged cabinet for me for some extra storage space.  I think I now have all of my fabrics sorted by color and fabric type.  I even went through my grandma's scrap bag - ah, memories.  Fabrics I remember from some pf the tops she made (grandma sewed a LOT of her own clothes) and from other projects she had.  My favorite "sewing" memory as a girl was sitting on the floor of grandma's sewing room where she would let me sort through the scrap bag to make my own little items.  I remember her helping me sew little stuffed kittens or some Barbie clothes from the scraps.

Also searched through some recipe magazines to look for ideas.  Found some good recipes that look like they are worth a shot.  When it comes to recipes I have been working on some ideas since the 2009 Fair so my recipe file for the 2010 fair is pretty complete but it never hurts to keep looking!

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