Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 130 - Candy and Eggs

So today was not spent on any Iowa State Fair plans or practice.  I spent nap time filling candy molds to make my boys chocolate bunnies.  We also spent the afternoon decorating eggs.

I can make one note that relates to the ISF -- when making your decision on how many food entries to take be sure to note any classes or divisions you might want to try simply for the entry award.  There are a number of food classes/divisions where if you enter you receive something just for entering.  As I was filling my molds today I was trying to think of what type of candy I should make.  If it is like in years past for the one candy entry the entrant receives a coupon for fudge at one of the food stands at the ISF.  Hey - free fudge made by professional candy makers is hard to pass up!

My husband worked on cleaning up the garden today - at least until he could no longer stand the wind.  If tomorrow proves to be nice we may work on getting the garden ready.  I have the seeds sitting in the basement -- those orders were put in back in January.  However, I still need to draw up my garden plan.  Can't wait to spend the time outside!

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