Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 118 - Ingredient Snob

Just catching up on my days since I missed one due to internet issues.  Actually not much to discuss in today's blog.  I did find some inspiration in the muffin I had at the convention today.  I think I will try a raspberry crunch type muffin.  It was a good muffin but I believe with some modifications it can be a great muffin.

Also realized next week I probably need to make a King Arthur Flour (KAF) order since I am running low on flour.  Here is my tip of the day - don't skimp on the ingredients!  Quality ingredients will lead to quality products.  The first few years I exhibited I didn't really believe that.  However, after using KAF for my yeast roll entries for the fair I could definitely see a difference in the quality.  My husband now says I am a flour snob.  OK, I guess that may be true!  I have never skimped on vanilla extract - it MUST be pure not imitation.  And than there is butter -- must be butter never margarine.  My grandma was a purist when it came to butter.  Pretty understandable since the family owned a dairy farm.  That trait passed on to me.  After spending lots of time in the kitchen with my grandma I would never think of dishonoring her by using a butter substitute.

Happy baking - or tasting!

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