Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 103 - To Bead or Not to Bead?

Sorry, for all you foodies out there today wasn't one spent in the kitchen.  However, I have an aggressive schedule for the weekend: plum jam and caramels.  Thinking back the favorite thing I remember my mom making at Christmas (she made a lot of great things) were her homemade caramels.  I don't remember when she stopped making them or why but I do remember having them!  After reviewing some recipes I believe her secret must have been that good rich Jersey cream we had straight from the cows.  Realizing this may have been her key to success I believe I will pick up some Picket Fence Dairy Cream (Jersey goodness) tomorrow at the grocery store.  Mom - you are free to comment if you want or send me your recipe!  I am going to guess the reason these became non-existent were the births of my brother and sister (6 and 8 years younger than me respectively).  Having two little ones close in age myself and realizing how long the caramels are going to have to be "babysat" it is no wonder these stopped making an appearance.  But this is just a guess - mom can set me straight later.

On to the title of today's blog.  I have always wanted to try beading/making jewelry but have never really attempted it.  Last week a friend and I were admiring some beautiful handcrafted bead work jewelry at the local Farmer's Market and I thought how pretty they were.  I also thought - I bet I could do that!  So during the brief time I had (since my kids refused to take afternoon naps today) I started researching bead work.  I now have a list for a simple necklace and pair of earrings.  If I can find some good beads for a decent price tomorrow I may have to try it out.  After all my incentive for reaching 30 lbs lost (which I hit a couple weeks ago) was a piece of jewelry so I might as well have the satisfaction of doing it myself.  I know there are competitive classes for these items at the ISF but at this point I don't think mine would be worthy of competition.  This is a case of we'll see how well I like it and if I want to attempt a harder level later.

One thing I would like to do is work one of my grandpa's rocks into a piece.  I have a very pretty stone grandma gave me long ago that has done nothing but sit in my jewelry box.  Grandpa was a rock collector and every woman in the family (I think) has at least one piece of his that he polished and set.  I would like to try my hand at the whole beading thing first before trying to incorporate his piece but if I could do it that would mean a lot to me.  I never knew my grandpa - he passed away 10 days before I was born.  Everyone in the family speaks so lovingly of him and grandma told me so many stories I felt as if I knew him if only through her eyes!  It would be very special for me to have a piece of jewelry that was created by the two of us.  So, off to the craft store I will go in search of trying a new craft!  If anyone has suggestions let me know!

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