Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 112 - Mushroom Tart Mess

Today I tried some mushroom tart-lets for supper.  I have only very rarely taken a hot or savory dish to the Iowa State Fair so thought for 2010 maybe I should add some to my repertoire (fair entry line up).  Obviously from the photo I need more practice OR a different recipe.  It seems about the only thing I did right was to put a baking sheet under the mini muffin tin - whew!  Saved some oven cleaning that way.  Now to clean the pan - ah well.

As bad as they look they actually tasted quite good.  However, the tart dough is much to thick; therefore did not yield a nice flaky crust.  Plus the recipe called for a tart so small you couldn't put any filling in them.  I realize for an appetizer you want small but with the thickness of the dough it left little room for the filling.  When the egg filling was added over the mushrooms and peppers everything looked OK but I didn't account for expansion during baking - whoops!

I have some other appetizer recipes I made at Christmas that I think will be utilized if I decide to do an appetizer type dish for entry.  I think this recipe will need some more fine tuning before I get it to work right.  I will say the pastry dough turned out well.  Normally I have problems with pastry.  Hmm - maybe this means I need to work on pies next week.

In garden news; I planted over 30 strawberry plants today.  Need to keep working on my perennial garden plot.  Have 30 more strawberries left plus 20 asparagus plants.  I believe I also need to transplant some rhubarb (not in a great location right now).  Obviously the strawberries won't go into any state fair entries for a few more years but at least they are started.  For this year I will go to my local berry farm for some good jam berries.  Yummy!

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