Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 43 - Quilt Top

Today I worked on my quilt top to prepare it for quilting.  This crib quilt is my first quilt.  I loved sewing the top, figuring block placement, colors, etc.  However, actually quilting rather unnerves me.  It seems so much work could go so horribly wrong.  But this is one of many reasons I am trying this.  I said I was going to enter a quilt and I will finish it.  However, without this motivation that quilt top may have ended up just sitting there in my sewing room.  Which would be a shame because I am putting it together for my oldest son.

I trimmed up the threads on about half of the back of the quilt.  Amazing how nice the back looks when all the thread is trimmed.  Unfortunately I found one major error on the back where a seam may be a little unstable.  I am going to try to do some hand work on the one area to strengthen it.  Great, now when I post a picture of the quilt it will be my luck one of the judges will have read this and know exactly what errors there are on my quilt!  Well, let's just hope the Fabric and Thread Judges have much better things to do than read my blog!  Eeek!

Not much else today.  Picked and froze more black raspberries.  I should probably make some jam with a batch of them at the end of the week.  It looks like beans will be ready to go in a week and a half or so.  Since I have already discussed one thing the unnerves me another item that tops that list is pressure canning!  I don't know why - I have done it plenty of times yet I still always worry the thing is going to blow up.  However, the desire for my own canned beans overrules the fear of explosion (just barely).

This morning Clark and Grant had their annual doctor's appointments.  All is well.  Took us two hours though since Clark had to have his hearing checked due to a blown ear drum earlier this year.  He's good.  They were really good boys for that length of time.  Grant had 5 shots which of course makes mommy sad; and Grant scream.  Hopefully he doesn't become as sick as Clark did after his first shots 2 years ago.  It must have worn him out though.  Grant isn't really a cuddler (sitting still is not his thing) but when we sat to watch "a little TV" as Clark says before nap time Grant crawled over to me and wanted up.  So we sat and rocked watching a little TV.  Grant quickly fell asleep on my lap.  I cherish those moments!  I finally took him back to his crib to sleep but grudgingly.

At supper time we went to a park.  Alan is at a conference in town this week and they were having a cook out where families are welcome.  So we went to eat supper and play.  Clark told me on the way home that he had fun tonight.  He had a lot of play time on the playground which made him happy and hopefully sleepy.

Now to watch a "little TV" and work on one of my sewing projects before going to bed myself.

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