Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 52 - Happy Father's Day!

Today was all about dad!  I have been promising my husband that I would help decorate his office, so we finished it up this afternoon so that he could have a nice inviting office for the coming week when lots of state officers from other states and some national officers and staff will be visiting.  His office is now very FFA themed and has lots of blue and gold.  Along with family photos and other happy items to remind him of how much his family loves him!

Clark loves going to "daddy's office" to watch the fountain and explore the long hallways.  Grant wore himself out crawling up and down the hallway - eventually that little one will figure out how much faster two legs can be when going upright.  Even though we spent the afternoon at daddy's office at least we spent it with daddy!

One follow-up note from yesterday's blog: daddy did get to change a very blue diaper in the afternoon.  So blue it stained Grant's little bottom blue.  Just as the blue stain was finally working its way off his fingers and face. We do have photos but they are not for the blog - we'll save that for his first girl friend.

And of course to my dad --

Happy Father's Day!  I have many happy memories of sitting on the floor of the tractor cab and singing songs like "Bingo" and "This Old Man" over and over.  Having my own children I can't believe how long my dad put up with this.  I loved being in the tractor with dad and I'm very glad he took me along to do farm chores with him quite frequently!  I also spent a LOT of time in the milk house with dad and grandma and I gained a lot of life skills there.  I also have to say that every time I eat a pickle I can't help but think of my dad. Why?  Because my dad's nick name for me is Pickle Seed.  Yep, I loved pickles when I was young and I still love them today.  I don't get called this very frequently anymore but it still pops up every now and then.  Love you dad!

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