Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 50 - Peas for Breakfast

This morning after I let the chickens out I went out to check on my garden (which unfortunately has been ignored the past few days).  Must WEED!  It is so hard to get outside in the evening though when my calvary isn't home at 6 PM.  So I need to schedule garden time even if it is at 9 PM.  This is a fact - when 6 PM rolls around I'm ready for the calvary (ie - daddy) to be home!

Anyway - back to the blog title: I went out to check the garden and noticed the peas needed to picked.  So I picked a couple hand fulls to take in.  Last week Clark had his first taste of fresh garden peas and loved them.  Shortly after I returned to the house Clark opened his bedroom door and headed to the kitchen.  He saw the peas and wanted to shell them.  I popped them open for him and shelled them all out.  I love his look of concentration! He asked if he could eat the peas and I told him they're best when they're fresh.  Peas for breakfast!  That should make his grandma proud!

I had to show this picture - that is how Clark stacked the shelled out pods (on his own).  I had never seen such a neat pile of shelled out pea pods.  Now if only all his toys could be so neatly stacked and put away.

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