Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 56 - It's On!

Oh - it's on!  More on that in a second.

Sorry no food today.  Today was spent organizing and decorating Alan's new office at the Iowa FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny.  I framed out his 2 FFA jackets in shadow boxes.  Rearranged furniture, hung photos, etc.  It is now looking much more inviting and very Blue and Gold.  Will need to finish a few things on Sunday (need to go on a photo search in the house) and then he should have a nice office to work in (and so people don't continue to think it is a storage space).

Tonight I was encouraging my husband to sign up for a few food entries of his own.  We have a couple of chicken carcasses in the freezer that we save for making chicken noodle soup.  I say "we" when really my husband has taken over the soup making in the household.  I serve more as his sous chef when it comes to soup.  Usually we make soup during the Christmas break - it is fun and makes the whole house smell good.  We make up large batches of soup to freeze.  We still have a few left in the freezer but not many.  So, seeing there was a soup division and a comfort food division I thought he should enter one or two of his soup recipes.  He told me he'd make it and I could take it.  I said fine you make it; I'll take it down - but you enter under your name because it's your recipe.  Finally he decided this was doable.  I'll order his entry tags later this week.  However, once this was decided I jokingly said well I could go up against your chicken noodle with my taco soup in the same class.  He said (and I quote); "ha, my chicken noodle can beat your taco soup any day!"  It's ON!  In all fairness his chicken noodle could beat my taco soup any day but when a challenge like that is thrown down I can't resist.  We'll let the judges decide.  How will we know if neither of us place - oh we plan to watch the judging since it's on a day during the fair where Alan isn't extraordinarily busy.  You can often tell where you stand when you watch the judging.

My luck the only ribbon won in this family will be done by my husband!  What do I say to that - awesome!  I am privileged to eat prize winning soup on a regular basis made with love by my amazing husband!

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