Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 44 - Oh Fudge!

The challenge of the day was candy!  No, I have never entered candy before.  Quite honestly I have never really made candy before.  Earlier in this challenge I did make caramels to test it out and they turned out quite yummy and pretty set (for not having had a candy thermometer).  Today since it was somewhat cooler I decided to try fudge.  The recipes look so simple yet that is so deceptive.  For those of you who can make fudge and other candy without problem you're my candy heroes.  I have actually sat in and listened to some of the candy judging in prior years.  I realize temperature and humidity can play large rolls in success or failure.  But I think when it comes right down to it you have to know how to work with the ingredients.

Part of my problem in this arena may be that I am really not a big fan of fudge.  I like it OK and will try it but I don't go out of my way for it in general.  This holds true for the other item I made today - cream cheese mints.  You know, those mints that are traditionally served at weddings and graduations.  I've always wanted to try making them because I simply think playing with the molds sounds fun; however, here again I have no desire to sample.  Which from a weight loss perspective - whoo hoo!

So - fudge: tastes yummy, looks gross, is way too thin.  I am usually pretty good at determining how good a recipe is going to be and I should have known that this recipe did not use enough chocolate.  Yes, this is a chocolate almond fudge but it looks much more almond than chocolate (with almonds mixed in).  Plus, I must have done something extraordinarily wrong for this recipe to only set 1/4" high in the 9x13 pan called for.  Will I try fudge again?  Hmm -maybe but I prefer the baked goods and canned goods.

Cream cheese mints: these were fun to make - I actually really enjoyed putting them in the molds.  Now I know what those molds I found in grandma's cupboard were to be used for.  I knew they weren't chocolate molds so when I went downstairs to look through my chocolate molds I saw these little single molds sitting there and had an "ah ha" moment!  It's amazing how many of the little things you get from such a small recipe. Although I guess for serving a large function the recipe would probably need to be doubled or tripled.  They were super easy - even Clark could mold nearly perfect mints.  I tried one to make sure the taste and texture were what I wanted - they were, that's enough for me.  Grant seems to be like minded in this.  Clark on the other hand loved them.  I had to limit his intake.  At least I know they are edible.

Grandpa Spencer came for a visit this afternoon and played with the boys while I molded all my mints.  Actually the timing worked out quite well.  Clark is suddenly very into dominoes.  He loves to set them up and then watch the domino effect.  Grandpa Spencer taught him a new way to play with dominoes - building them high.  Not sure that I like this quite as well as the single layer play.  Oh well, they had a lot of fun.

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