Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 58 - Entries Adding Up

Needed to update my entry list - they are starting to add up!  I have many others in progress but I am not counting certain items until they are actually completed.

Clark and I checked on the garden last night - everything is coming up (including the weeds).  We should have some peas ready this week.  There are blooms on some of the cherry tomatoes.  We also discovered a beautiful tomato, cucumber and melon garden in the old hog lot.  I guess a few seeds that went through our hogs last year decided to grow.  They look lovely and some of the tomatoes have blooms!  We'll keep it as a back up/back yard garden.  Actually Clark has claimed it as his own little garden.

Today I made my regular bread and banana bread.  No big deal this is usually on my meal plan for the week.  However, Clark was gravely disappointed when I packed up the banana bread.  I decided this was the one I was going to freeze for fair entry.  Luckily I have a few extra bananas from last week that should be brown enough to bake another loaf this week so he has banana bread for a few snack times this week.  I decided my old bundt pan was well seasoned enough that I only needed to spray the very bottom.  It worked - my bread climbed the sides much better/higher and the bread still released easily from the pan.

We also cleaned up a piece of milk glass that I found at the auction this weekend.  I picked it up for very little (less than $2.00 when you consider it was a whole flat full of milk glass).  It is actually a Fenton piece and very pretty.  Now I have to figure out which milk glass piece I want to enter in the Heritage milk glass class.  I was set on my cake plate but now am having second thoughts.  My poor husband doesn't understand my love of beautiful white dishes.  At least they can be used for any occasion - I'm nothing if not practical (and cheap) when it comes to my vintage dishes.

Well, time to clean the dishes.  Still have some of the cherry dishes laying around from yesterday.

Happy Flag Day!

Child Milestone:  Grant pointed to his nose and mouth today!  He has had knowing his head down for a week or so now.  Plus, he is standing on his own now!  Not long before he's walking.
Last week on Sunday (in church) he clapped for the first time.  I forgot how these new discoveries and achievements at this age seem to develop exponentially!

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