Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 45 - Appetizers

These are little meatball appetizers that I think I will enter in the appetizer course.  They are super simple and you can freeze them easily.  For the party simple thaw in fridge overnight and pop in the crock pot 2 hours before the event.  They are yummy - sweet with a little zip!  Made a double batch tonight and ate some for supper and put the rest in the freezer.

Since all of this cooking and baking means grocery shopping I thought a picture of the boys helping me shop was appropriate.  This is the first time they have gone for a cart ride together.  They enjoyed "steering" the cart!  The great thing about having my entries more planned out and spread out means the groceries are built into my weekly plan and weekly shopping budget.  That makes it nice!  Finally found the orange cake mix I have been searching for at various stores.  I was beginning to think they took it off the market.  That would have been a shame since it makes up the base of my cake mix fix up cake.

Today we took Clark to see Toy Story 3!  It was a fantastic movie.  Clark was so excited.  It was also the first time we have left Grant with a babysitter all by himself (normally he has Clark with him).  It went well and our babysitter had no problems with him.  So a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon for all.

And finally - the photo below is Clark's train.  When he was done his train was the width of the floor carpet complete with "boxes" and "freight."

As of July 1st I can start working on the cakes for the decorated cake classes.  I am working on themes.  For some inspiration I visited the Cake Wrecks Blog.  Sunday Sweets are great posts to look at some beautiful cakes.  None of which I can even come close too but nice for a little inspiration!

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