Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 49 - Half Way

Realized today is day 49 out of my 100 day journey.  Half way there.

Last night when Clark and I put the chickens to bed we noticed the black raspberries had some berries ready for harvest.  We each picked a couple hand fulls to eat - so yummy.  So this morning on my way back from chores I picked a bowl full to have for breakfast.  Clark gobbled them down.  Grant wasn't quite so sure but tried some.

Today was the kids' day.  We went down to the Science Center of Iowa.  This is the first time I have taken the boys down to explore at SCI.  They had great fun.  We didn't get to see it all and Clark was disappointed to leave.  We may need to get a membership because I see us going back again (and again).  Clark loves places like this - the Children's Museum in Indianapolis is one of our favorite places and we spend a whole day there every October. These places are so good at incorporating hands on exploration for little ones.

After the Science Center we ate lunch with daddy and then headed to get some anti-itch medicine for Clark before heading home.  Last night Clark's ear was swollen - almost double in size.  Ended up calling first nurse to make sure it wasn't too serious.  Probably had a bug sting him and he reacted to it. Plus with his itching the ear swelled up.  We put some cream on last night and he said it helped.  We have been putting the new ointment on today and the swelling is much better.  Dang bugs.

As you can probably tell I didn't do much ISF related today.  I think tonight I will pull out some of the stitching on one of the needlepoints I am working on.  I decided the color of the little flowers wasn't what I wanted so I am tearing out and doing them in different colors.  I hope to finish it up tonight while sitting with my feet up in front of the TV.  One thing about summer I don't ever seem to stop.  I really should go out to the garden and weed or work on some more cherries but I think knowing my limits is as important as striving to accomplish a goal.  If I overdo now I will only burn out during the critical time.  So my mini goals tonight include: to read Clark a few really good stories, watch some TV (hmm - I have a bunch of Cake Boss's saved on the DVR) while I finish my needlework and get to bed before 10 PM.  Hopefully this way I'll be ready to go strong tomorrow!

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