Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 42 - Learning to Fly

For awhile now when Clark and I go out to check the garden we have also been keeping an eye on our barn swallow family that lives in the garden shed/old chicken coop.  Today when we went in we only saw two in the nest at first.  Then we looked to the window ledge and there sure enough were the other two.  As I snapped a few photos Clark was watching and one flew off all on its own.  He pointed out the mommy and daddy swallow and said, "look mommy, the mommy and daddy swallow are teaching their baby to fly!"  Right on, kiddo!  Amazing!  Soon afterwards the second swallow followed the first with mom and dad swallow watching every (well not step) wing beat.  So our swallows are leaving the nest - now we have 4 more swallows to catch bugs!  This is probably a good thing; poor mommy and daddy swallow were really getting their work out the past couple of days catching enough bugs to feed the crew.

Clark and I worked in the garden.  I showed Clark the spot where he could use the hoe (far, far away from any veggies).  He also helped me load up mulch and put it on the potatoes.  We had to fill the big bucket with water from the hydrant so he could fill his little watering can and go water plants.  Such a little garden trooper.

We also worked inside today selecting the items to put in the Heritage divisions.  This led to rearranging and cleaning our bedroom because I needed to get to my grandma's steamer trunk which was tucked in a corner. Now, the steamer trunk is out where I can get to it which is wonderful because I am using it to store valuables (to me anyway) where no little fingers can get at them.  The rearranging the room was great fun for the boys.  New items pulled out to look at and play with.  Pillows to roll on.  Why is it the parent's bedroom seems to be the most fun room in the house?  Anyway, Clark made a little house for him and Grant out of pillows and all I heard were giggles coming from behind the bed.

I am now up to 10 Heritage classes which is my limit on number of entries I submitted for that area.  Whew - one department down!  Now they just all need to be cleaned.

Also, called the ISF Entry Department today to check on my limited floriculture classes.  I had selected two and ended up with one.  This is a good thing in my book - I want to start slowly in this area.  So, I have a small table in the class entitled "Tea for Two."  Sounds so sweet.  I need to figure out what flowers and greenery I want to use.  I also should probably find a tea pot and build from there.  To my husband - no, out of all my dishes and glassware I do not own a tea pot.

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