Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 69 - Quest for Lemon Thyme

The boys and I ran to town today to try and find some lemon thyme by Bonnie Plants.  I looked up the stores in the area that sell Bonnie plants but it looks like this year no one brought in the variegated lemon thyme.  All I can find is German Thyme.  Darn - last year I entered a sprig of that variety in the Herb class and won a ribbon.  More importantly it was a great herb for seasoning and simply beautiful to look at (smelled great too).  This year I plan to plant my herbs in containers so I can take them in over winter and try to keep them growing indoors.  If anyone sees lemon thyme for sale anywhere let me know!  Clark picked out some nice rosemary which we use when roasting chicken so that was a good choice and we also picked up some basil (couple different types), thyme and chives.  I also have some dill seed to plant directly in the garden.

Planted some tomatoes today - they look so nice.

Also worked some more on my costume and am trying to be very patient on putting this piece together (sometimes I tend to rush too much when I sew).  And when the day is done and the blog written for the night I now sit down for a half hour of TV before bed and some relaxing cross stitching.

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