Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 68 - Motivation in High Demand

Seems like the same old, same old around here.  I felt in need of some major motivation today.  Decided I needed to better lay out my plan after all this was about organization in the first place.  Ha!  I now have my calendar complete with what gets baked when all the way done through August!  As long as nothing too major happens along the way I should be in good shape.  It looks like I may need to increase my food entry goal anyway since I am not sure my garden will be productive by early August.  With 4" of rain predicted it may be awhile before I finish all of my planting - blah!

I did enjoy working in the garden this evening.  The cats were out "helping" me and keeping me well entertained as they played and frolicked.  The birds were singing and the barn swallows were ever watching me (at least they don't dive bomb me like they do my husband).  I find the garden in the evening a relaxing place to be - plus rewarding as you watch little plants grow.  I took a new philosophy on gardening this year.  It is so hard with two little ones to find large chunks of time to garden so I figure if I can find small bits of time eventually it will look like a major accomplishment.  So far so good.  When the baby takes a morning nap I try to take Clark out for a little bit to play and then do a little gardening.  Even Clark gets in on the weeding.  He knows how to look for giant ragweed and since they are usually above all the other weeds and plants he can easily pull them out.  We make it a fun little game.  Then in the evening after supper I try to put some time in.  So this week putting in a few minutes here and there I have actually accomplished a lot.  Almost everything is weeded and most is mulched (of the plants I have in).  Which for me this is quite a feat - usually by June there have been years I have felt like giving up on my poor garden.

So with a plan and new outlook on garden maintenance I feel more more motivated to keep going towards my goal.  Now to get back my motivation for exercise and weight loss.  As Bill Murray would say in "What About Bob?" -- baby steps.

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Mom said...

I went out about 7:00 tonight and put some flowers in and did some weeding too. Dad said Boots was watching me the whole time. Last night I was dive bombed by a bumble bee - think I would prefer a bird. I like the evening hours too and is a good way to unwind and destress in the evening. It's lightning to the south, so don't know if we'll get another shower tonight. If not, would like to finish the garden tomorrow.