Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another First (and 200th Post)

Today we took Grant over to West Bend to have a friend give him his first haircut.  At first he wasn't too sure he liked it.

He gave Amy an odd look when she showed him the locket of hair that would be coming home with me for his baby book.

For the most part though he sat pretty still in daddy's lap and let her cut his wispy hair - until the hair clippers came out - there was to be none of that!  At the end he enjoyed his lollipop while watching his big brother get a hair cut.

Clark is an old pro at getting his hair cut now.

Thanks to Amy Classen at Classen's Clippers for giving the boys a great hair cut!  On our way out of the shop we had to stop and get a picture at the telephone booth outside.  Wow - an actual telephone booth!

On our way out of West Bend we also made a stop at Skoglund Meats and Locker.  We've had hogs processed there before when we lived in Palmer and it was so good!  Their beef sticks are amazing (which is why we had to stop).  If you're ever in the area give them a try - their meat is award winning.

Not sure this was the greatest 200th post but I am happy that I have actually accomplished documenting/journaling so many things since I started back in April.

Wishing all of you a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving!

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