Friday, November 5, 2010

Boys Love Machines!

Today the boys and I started cleaning out the garage.  Why?  Because I'll have a delivery of evergreen boughs this weekend.  Yep - dad heads to Minnesota tomorrow to pick up greens and they'll be here for me and my brother (and our families) this weekend!  Can't believe we'll start making wreaths (and centerpieces, and other pretty Christmas things) next week!!!  Meanwhile, can't wait for that wonderful smell to infuse my garage - mmm, nothing smells as good as evergreen branches (this time of year anyway).  

Sorry - for those that may not know my family owns a Christmas Tree Farm in northern Iowa - Clark's Christmas Conifers.  A little FFA SAE project started by my brother.

Back to my topic at hand - while I was working in the garage the boys found the JD Gator.  We didn't have it out much this year since the battery wasn't working (according to my husband).  But, the guys just wanted to pretend.  Clark asked if we could pretend in the yard.

I said sure - no problem, hooked the battery in and closed the front up and pushed it out for them.  Just out of curiosity I tried the gas pedal - and it TOOK OFF - whoops!  Luckily Grant was hanging on - it just made a short little jump.  Huh - I thought the battery was bad? This took play time to a whole new level.

Here they are transporting hay (I love that an old cardboard box can be a bale of hay).

Clark needed to refuel before more hauling.  Clark has a thing for fueling vehicles - real or pretend!

After dumping the bale and refueling Clark started loading up the back end again.  This time with lots of stuff around the yard that needed picked up - awesome!

You can just hear Grant thinking - when will my brother be DONE so we can GO!

Finally, off they go with a full load.

So much fun on a beautiful November day!  I also did a little multi-tasking and got a bunch of spray painting done for various projects!  More on these later.

Clark did get to practice Large/Tall, Medium & Small/Short with this project set.

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Anonymous said...

Such cute little guys!

My little man loves creating anything with his hands. I'm sure he'd love that machine to drive around in though!