Monday, November 22, 2010

This is what happens when . . .

. . . it's cold and you're making wreaths in a garage and your rear end gets too close to the propane tank heater.  Arghh - those were my wonderful red Carhart coveralls!  So mad at myself.  The worst part - I didn't even know I was on fire.  My husband starts yelling - Andrea - you're smoking - no, you are on fire!  Blast.

Meanwhile - 100+ wreaths on the trailer (made by me, my brother and my husband) ready to go north today.

. . . your 3 year old sees you with an odd contraption and fruit - he must also try it out.  OK - anytime I'm in the kitchen my kids think it's interesting so I love that!

. . . Grandpa Spencer delivers pears and you still have apples sitting around and SOMETHING has to be done with them before Thanksgiving!  I decided to make pear apple butter.  I love apple butter but the addition of pear adds a new layer of flavor that is quite good.  Plus, one more November addition to my 2011 entry list.

. . . you unexpectedly win a great giveaway from participating in the Friday Night Sew In (thanks Heidi and Bobbi - and their sponsor Me and My Sister Designs).  Clark is excited we're getting snowman fabric (and likes the flowers too).  And my husband wonders why I secluded myself in the sewing room last Friday.  Actually, not for the free giveaway (still can't believe random number generator picked my number - so excited) but to get things done and unwind from a busy week.

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Hollie said...

Gabe did that two years ago with the fact Ty is wearing the coat that has the singe marks this year let's hope we don't have another repeat!